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1968 "Fortuna Havana", Black Bow Records, 10/02/2017
ASOFY "Nessun Luogo", Avantgarde Music, 22/02/2017
BATHSHEBA "Servus", Svart Records, 24/02/2017
BATTALIONS "Nothing To Lose", Black Bow Records, 27/02/2017
BURIED FEATHER "Mind Of The Swarm", Kozmik Artifactz, 10/02/2017
CONCRETE JELLY "Getting Noticed", Sliptrick Records, 07/02/2017
CRANIAL "Dark Towers / Bright Lights", Moment Of Collapse Records, 10/02/2017
DDENT "آكتئاب", self-release, 13/02/2017
DEMON HEAD "Thunder On The Fields", The Sign Records, 24/02/2017
ELECTRIC AGE "Sleep Of The Silent King", Argonauta Records, 27/02/2017
ESCAPE IS NOT FREEDOM "Goldsmith", self-release, 24/02/2017
GLOSON "Grimen", Art Of Propaganda, 13/02/2017
GRIM RAVINE "The Light Is From Below", Black Bow Records, 17/02/2017
HORISONT "About Time", Century Media Records, 03/02/2017
KINGNOMAD "Mapping The Inner Void", Ripple Music, 24/02/2017
KING WOMAN "Created In The Image Of Suffering", Relapse Records, 24/02/2017
MARCHE FUNÈBRE "Into The Arms Of Darkness", MFL Records, 20/02/2017
NULA "Kenoma" EP, Black Bow Records, 24/02/2017
RHINO "The Law Of Purity", Argonauta Records, 13/02/2017
R.I.P. "In The Wind", Riding Easy Records, 03/02/2017
RÜCKWATER "Bonehead", Inverse Records, 24/02/2017
SANTO ROSTRO "The Healer", Discos Macarras, 03/02/2017 – Listen
STINKING LIZAVETA "Journey To The Underworld", Translation Loss Records, 17/02/2017
STRANGE BROUE "Seance" EP, Sunmask Records, 24/02/2017
TETHRA "Like Crows For The Earth", Sliptrick Records, 11/02/2017
THE DARKHORSE "The Carcass Of The Sun Will Sleep", Attic Records, 24/02/2017
THERA ROYA "Stone And Skin", self-release, 17/02/2017
UNEARTHLY TRANCE "Stalking The Ghost", Relapse Records, 24/02/2017
ALUNAH "Solennial", Svart Records, 17/03/2017
CALLIOPHIS "Cor Serpentis", Solitude Productions, 27/03/2017
DESERT KINGDOM s/t, Black Bow Records, 04/03/2017
DREAD SOVEREIGN "For Doom The Bell Tolls", Ván Records, 03/03/2017
DRUDE s/t, self-release, 03/03/2017
FORMING THE VOID "Relic", Argonauta Records, 17/03/2017
HOLLOW LEG "Murder" EP, Argonauta Records, 03/03/2017
MOTHERSLOTH "Moon Omen", Argonauta Records, 03/03/2017
MOUNTAIN GOD "Bread Solstice", Artificial Head Records, 24/03/2017
OCEANWAKE "Earthen", VicSolum Records, 10/03/2017
OBESE "Anamnesis", Argonauta Records, 24/03/2016
OHHMS "The Fool", Holy Roar Records, 31/03/2017
OTUS "7.83Hz", Argonauta Records, 20/03/2017
PALLBEARER "Heartless", Profound Lore Records, 24/03/2017
SPACETRUCKER "Launch Sequence", self-release, 31/03/2017
TELEKINETIC YETI "Abominable", Sump Pump Records, 17/03/2017
WITCHSTONE "Mortal Fear Of Infinity", self-release / Sunmask Records (distribution), 03/03/2017
ALTAR OF BETELGEUZE "Among The Ruins", Transcending Obscurity Records, 15/04/2017
THE OBSESSED "Sacred", Relapse Records, 07/04/2017
THE RIVEN "Blackbird", self-release, 14/04/2017
WITCHAPTER "Spellcaster" EP, Black Bow Records, 07/04/2017
BEASTMAKER "Inside The Skull", Rise Above Records, 26/05/2017
WARCRAB "Scars Of Aeons", Transcending Obscurity Records, 01/05/2017
... announced for 2017:

GRIM RAVINE deliver abyssal doom destruction on "The Light Is From Below" that is covering human scum with misery and disgust! #review #doommetalfront

"The Light Is From Below"

Black Bow Records released "The Light is From Below" EP by GRIM RAVINE from Portsmouth delivering four tracks of abyssal gurgling and shrieking, boomy, brutally rolling doom destruction that seems to have crawled directly out of earth's lava spilling wounds to cover human scum with neverending misery and disgust. Highly enjoyable, ultra heavy material! (SM)

Track Listing:
Shrine Of Misery
Vacant Mass

Grim Ravine is:
Gareth - Vocals
Scott - Bass
Martin - Guitar
Lewis - Guitar
Bobby - Drums

Bandcamp – Facebook

Belgian BATHSHEBA serve a gem of doom metal bleakness with "Servus", which is bleeding grief and despair in rivers. #review #doommetalfront


BATHSHEBA recruits of no one less than Michelle Nocon (ex-Serpentcult, Leviathan Speaks & Death Penalty) at vocals, Jelle Stevens (ex-SardoniS) at drums, Raf Meukens (Death Penalty, Torturerama) at bass guitar and Dwight Goossens (ex-Disinterred) playing the guitars. I have been waiting for an album by these Belgians since the demo (2014), the grandious "The Sleepless Gods" EP (2015) and their great show at Doom Over London (2016). Now, in 2017, Svart Records is finally releasing the full-length debut called "Servus" presenting the band on top of the doom genre. "Demon 13" is undoubtedly a highlight showing Michelle easily switching from clean vocal beauty to guttural harshness that goes hand in hand with the schizophrenic idea of the song serving heavy pounding riffage and pointed shredding guitars. Also "The Sleepless Gods", which is still as graceful and touching as it was on the EP. New track "Ain Soph" surprises with experimental saxophone tunes adding a refreshing jazz reference to BATHSHEBA's rolling doom, which is framed by relentlessly thrashing guitars at the beginning and at the end. Majestically crawling opener "Conjuration Of Fire", melodious "Manifest" in the middle and final "I, At The End Of Everything" complete this gem of doom metal bleakness, which is bleeding grief and despair in rivers. (SM)

band photo by Burning Moon

CONCRETE JELLŸ is "Getting Noticed" for being trippy, fuzzy, crazy, heavy, progressive, catchy in an unorthodox Italian way. #review #doommetalfront

"Getting Noticed"

The Italian scene is famous for bringing up unorthodox ways of interpreting hard rock history. CONCRETE JELLŸ aren't only "Getting Noticed" for owning the funniest band name of the month, also for delivering pretty entertaining tunes that can be described best using words like trippy, fuzzy, crazy, heavy, progressive, catchy ... This is not the common psychedelic, 70s influenced stoner thing as the dudes obviously are having loads of fun playing extremely pushing music that spreads positive vibes from the start to the end. C'mon, CONCRETE JELLŸ is a great name, isn't it?! (SM)

Past Releases 2017

AATHMA "Avesta", Underground Legends Records – Listen
BANTHA RIDER s/t, self-release, 07/01/2017 – Listen
DSW "Tales From The Cosmonaut", Acid Cosmonaut Records, 15/01/2017
ENDLESS FLOODS "II", Dry Cough Records, 06/01/2016
EPHEDRA "Can'-Ka No Rey", Argonauta Records, 30/01/2017
FREEDOM HAWK "Sunlight" (re-release), Ripple Music, 27/01/2017
FROZEN PLANET....1969 "Electric Smokehouse", Pepper Shaker Records / Headspin Records, 11/01/2017
HEREM "III", Inverse Records, 13/01/2017
JOHN GARCIA "The Coyote Who Spoke In Tongues", Napalm Records, 27/01/2017
LIZZARD WIZZARD "Total War Power Bastard", self-release, 01/01/2017
MAGNET "Feel Your Fire", Soulseller Records, 27/01/2017
MANGOG "Awakens", Argonauta Records, 09/01/2017
MIRES "Loom", self-release, 13/01/2017 – Listen
PSYCHEDELIC WITCHCRAFT "Magick Rites And Spells", Soulseller Records, 27/01/2017





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